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Bruno Fuchs quotes Samuel Paty to target LFI and causes an outcry

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Samuel Paty

Bruno Fuchs quotes Samuel Paty to target LFI and causes an outcry

Samuel Paty

Bruno Fuchs quotes Samuel Paty to target LFI and causes an outcry

What better way to appease the debates on pension reform than to accuse his opponents of using methods similar to those that led to an atrocious Islamist attack?

While the examination of the text carried by Élisabeth Borne is marked by numerous incidents and invectives, the deputy MoDem Bruno Fuchs this Tuesday February 14 brought his stone to the building of the one-upmanship.

Reacting to the recent controversies which have involved La France insoumise on the sidelines of the battle for pensions, the deputy of Haut-Rhin summoned the memory of Samuel Paty, assassinated on October 16, 2020 by a jihadist.

“We are witnessing a transgression of all republican values. We are – all things considered – in a situation close to Samuel Paty”, dared the elected centrist, judging that the behavior of the rebellious consists in “asking others to commit acts contrary to the values ​​of the Republic”An exit who immediately jumped on the side of the rebellious.

“You are going too far. Yesterday one of ours apologized for saying a word that was beyond his thought. Today, you treat us not only as assassins but as terrorists? replied in comment the deputy LFI of Essonne, Antoine Léaument.

“The arbiters of elegance caught in the act of unworthy excess. All shame drunk, they repaint us as terrorists and smear the memory of Samuel Paty, ”added the president of the rebellious group in the National Assembly, Mathilde Panot.

In a post entitled “Moderation and hypocrisy, the proof by Bruno Fuchs”, Jean-Luc Mélenchon also denounced the skid of the deputy MoDem.
An “ill-chosen comparison”
“We are impatiently awaiting the indignation heard yesterday! This is the proof that had to be taken in the face: this is what their “good manners”, their moderation, “respect for the debate” and others are. Will they apologize in turn? Will we hear those who have made it their duty to earn a certificate of good conduct? “Asks the founder of insubordinate France.

Note that the indignation goes beyond the circle of LFI alone. In a tweet, the Albigensian branch of the FSU-SNUipp teachers’ union condemned the “indecency” of Bruno Fuchs. “Not content with trivializing the far right by dismissing LFI and the RN back to back, LREM trivializes terrorism.

They were already using the term eco-terrorists; they are doing it again now by summoning the memory of Samuel Paty in an obscene way, ”commented the green MEP David Cormand.

In a tweet published a few minutes later, the person concerned admitted having gone too far. “Yes the comparison is badly chosen and I sincerely apologize for having used it. What I want to say and this is my strongest conviction:

an elected official can in no way call for violence, ”corrected Bruno Fuchs, while several elected officials and rebellious executives expressed their indignation via the hashtag #FuchsLaHonte. Something to warm the spirits ahead of a new pension reform review session.

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