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How does booking ANA through Virgin Atlantic earn money?

How does booking ANA through Virgin Atlantic earn money?

How does booking ANA through Virgin Atlantic earn money?

Hello everyone. Today’s topic is how booking ANA through Virgin Atlantic generates revenue. Our articles cover all aspects of ANA flights.

Avoid skipping our articles.Please read this carefully.I swear to provide you with complete details regarding ANA flights.

How does booking ANA through Virgin Atlantic earn money?

Booking ANA with virgin atlantic

We gushed about the outstanding service offered by ANA’s cabin personnel in our post on ANA first class. The good news is that business class travelers will also receive excellent service.

You’re going to appreciate your long-haul business class travel, whether it’s on a Boeing 777-300ER or a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner operated by ANA.

ANA, or All Nippon Airways, has hubs in Osaka and Tokyo and flies to more than 40 locations throughout Japan as well as places in Asia, Europe, and North America.

I shall first give How does one gain money through ANA?Earning miles when flying ANA?

Earning miles when flying ANA

You will accrue miles based on the fare and your MileagePlus status if you purchased your ticket directly from, by calling the United Customer Contact Center (including a United specialty desk, such as United Groups, United Meetings, or the Premier Priority Desk), from a United representative at the airport, or through a United ticket office. Please refer to the part below titled “Ticket number begins with 016.” footnote3.

If not, please refer to the “Ticket number does not begin with 016” section.

footnote4 Based on the flight distancefootnote5, the fare class that was paid, and/or the fare class that was flown, you will accrue miles. footnote2.

Your ticket number can typically be located on your confirmation email or receipt if you don’t remember how you bought it.

Ticket number starts with “016”

Mileage accrual table for ticket numbers that start with “016” and were purchased from United.

MileagePlus status Award miles earned (based on farefootnote1,footnote2)

Member 5 × fare

Premier® Silver 7 × fare

Premier Gold 8 × fare

Premier Platinum 9 × fare

Premier 1K® 11 × fare

Ticket number does not start with “016”

Class of service Purchased fare classfootnote6 Award mile earnings

(including fare class bonus)

First F 350%

Discount First A 300%

Full-fare Business J, C 300%

Business D 250%

Discount Business Z, P 150%

Premium Economy G 150%

Discount Premium Economy E 125%

Deep discount Premium Economy N 100%

Full-fare Economy Y, 150%

Economy             B, M 125%

Discount Economy U, H, Q 75%

Deep discount Economy V, W, S, L, T 50%

Deep discount Economy K 25%

No mileage credit I, O, R, 

Using miles, Ana

To find out how many miles you’ll need to fly one way or roundtrip on any Star Alliance network airline, depending on the level of service and the destination, go to Through, award travel on ANA can be reserved. Depending on the ticketing, the dates of travel, and the MileagePlus status, service fees may be incurred when making or altering award reservations. At the airport, award tickets cannot be issued. To contact the United Customer Contact Center in the United States and Canada, dial 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331), or browse additional contact and language choices.

Pros ANA flights all over worldwide.

Pros ANA flights all over worldwide.

Pros ANA flights all over worldwide.


The base rate of the ticket plus any carrier-imposed surcharges make up the fare; taxes and other fees levied by the government are not included. When purchasing tickets in a currency other than U.S. dollars, we will first convert the transaction into U.S. dollars using an industry-accepted exchange rate before figuring out how many miles you will accrue. Please be aware that on itineraries entirely within the United States, the price displayed when buying a ticket on includes up to a 7.5% U.S. Federal Transportation Tax on the base amount of the fare. Certain routes between the United States and Canada or Mexico are also subject to this fee. 

The whole amount of the advertised price for these itineraries is not what you will earn in Premier qualifying points (PQP) or award miles becauseThe federal transportation tax in the United States does not qualify for PQP or mileage. The following fare classes are eligible for accrual: A, B, C, D, E, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, Y, and Z.

On codeshare flights, award miles are accumulated according to the operating carrier and their comparable pricing class. The purchased booking class and the flown booking class, which determines the amount of base miles and Premier qualifying credits earned, may differ as a result.

Purchased from United on, via the United Customer Contact Center, at the airport, or from a travel agency or other travel website. Ticket number begins with “016”.

Trip distance is chosen completely by United and is referred to as the miles scheduled for a particular flight.

Mileage is not accumulated for any other fare classifications. The applicable fare classes are subject to change at any moment without prior notice at the discretion of United and ANA. The United MileagePlus programme has rules regarding mileage accrual, and as stated therein, mileage will be credited in accordance with those rules at the time of travel, not when air travel is purchased, booked, or reserved. As a result, miles may not be awarded for all tickets, or they may be awarded in a lesser number of miles than indicated. 

On codeshare flights, award miles are accumulated according to the operating carrier and their comparable pricing class. This could lead to variations between the booking class that was purchased and the number of base miles and Premier qualifying credits gained depending on the booking class chosen and the booking class actually used. The number of MileagePlus award miles earned may vary depending on the customer’s Premier level.

How to Book ANA Business Class Using Points: The Best Methods [Step by Step]

A Look Inside ANA Business Class

A Look Inside ANA Business Class

A Look Inside ANA Business Class

ANA is regarded as one of the top airlines in the world because of its amazing first class and business class offerings.

Business class travelers on ANA enjoy priority check-in counters at airports across the world, where the process is short and your checked luggage will be labeled as “priority.”

You will also gain access to priority security lanes at 11 airports, which can greatly simplify the screening procedure.

Airports With Priority Screening For ANA Business Class

Bangkok (BKK) Paris (CDG)

Brussels (BRU) Seattle-Tacoma (SEA)

Frankfurt (FRA) Sydney (SYD)

Kansai (KIX) Tokyo-Narita (NRT)

London (LHR) Washington-Dulles (IAD)

Mumbai (BOM)

If your flight is set to take off, you can proceed to your gate after passing through security. If not, stop visiting the ANA Business Class Lounge (or Star Alliance business class lounge).

The ANA Lounge is busier than the ANA Suites Lounge, which is not surprising. Thankfully, ANA made the business class lounge larger to accommodate more travelers. To avoid crowding, there are a few separate seating spaces.

You can eat from a sizable buffet that also offers a variety of desserts as you wait for your flight. If you’re in the mood for something more substantial, there’s even a hot food station.

You’ll notice that every seat in the business class cabin has direct aisle access once you’ve boarded your trip. A quality business class seat must have this feature. Each seat is also lie-flat, allowing you to sleep soundly throughout the flight.

Window seats, like many business class cabins, are excellent for lone travelers. The two middle seats may be preferable for you if you are going with a friend because it will be simpler to talk to them.

You can choose the wine of your choosing to go with each meal. Despite the tray-based presentation, ratings of the meal itself are excellent.

ANA’s New Business Class

The new 777-300ER aircraft will have updated seating and products thanks to ANA. ANA has updated every cabin class, but business class has perhaps seen the most improvements.

ANA’s business class is already outstanding, with staggered seats arranged 1-2-1. The Room, ANA’s brand-new 777 business class, really does feel like a limitless space in the air. Their seats are a whopping 35 inches wide, and they switch between forward- and rear-facing positions. Cathay Pacific, which once provided the world’s largest first class seats, measures 36 inches, so as to put this into perspective.

Just 1 inch separates ANA’s The Room, a business class product, from the former record-holder for the widest first class seat.

If all of this isn’t enough to pique your interest, ANA will provide stunning 4K 22-inch in-flight monitors. The folding doors on these business class seats provide for complete and total solitude within your enclosed room. It’s possible that ANA’s The Room will unseat the QSuites.

The following flights offer this new business class suite:

Tokyo-Haneda (HND) – London-Heathrow (LHR) on NH 211/212

Tokyo-Haneda/Narita (HND/NRT) – New York City (JFK) starting in winter 2019

Tokyo-Haneda (HND) – Frankfurt (FRA) starting in winter 2019

Using Points to Fly ANA Business Class

There are numerous options to purchase business class award flights on ANA since it is a member of Star Alliance. Let’s discuss some of the greatest methods for doing this.

Through ANA Mileage Club, booking business class is the simplest process. To reserve ANA business class, follow these instructions:

Go to the ANA website.

Select “ANA Mileage Club.”

Select “Award Reservation” after “International.”

Access your account.

Enter the route and dates you want.

Decide on “Business Class”

Pick your flights.

Hot Tip: To find out how many miles you’ll receive when transferring between programmes, use our Transfer Partner Calculator.

The fact that you may only reserve awards through ANA Mileage Club for your immediate family is a significant constraint.

Additionally, ANA has three seasons—low, regular, and high—that have an impact on redemption rates. To maximize your mileage, book awards throughout the high and low seasons.

Each season has a different minimum mileage requirement for business class flights, but both low and normal season awards are valid rates. Avoid booking award flights during the busy season if at all possible.

Finally, you may grant seats while waiting. Although this is a helpful tool, you should be aware that it does not ensure that you will ultimately get a seat. You may be certain that an award seat is genuinely available because it will be prominently posted.

You can see that the road to Australia passes through Japan in the image above. In order to go to your destination, ANA lets you pass via a third region. It’s also possible to plan a layover along the way, which is a fantastic way to see Japan!

Transferring points from American Express Membership Rewards to ANA enables Mileage Club bookings.

Membership rewards transfers frequently take two to three days. Make sure to keep this in mind, as the reward As you wait, vanish

fantastic redemptions for ANA business class

Determine your needs before making a reservation for a business class journey.

If you don’t require a layover, Asiana Club can be a wonderful option to reserve one-way award tickets.

Booking one-way award tickets and stopovers with Singapore Airlines will cost extra miles.

Although ANA Mileage Club requires round-trip awards, stopovers are permitted, and redemption rates are favorable.

You may book one-way or round-trip rewards with Virgin Atlantic, and the airline has excellent redemption rates to Japan.

How to Earn Enough Miles for ANA Business Class.

Methods for Acquiring Enough Miles for ANA Business Class

American Express Membership Rewards can be converted into ANA at a 1:1 ratio.

Chase Ultimate Rewards, American Express Membership Rewards, and Citi Thankyou. Rewards can all be used to transfer Singapore Airlines and Virgin Points at a 1:1 ratio. (For more information about this subject, visit our guides on Citi, Amex, and Chase Transfer Partners.

Additionally, you can accumulate Marriott points and transfer them at a 3:1 ratio to ANA, Virgin Atlantic, Asiana, or Singapore Airlines. There is a 5,000-mile incentive added for each transfer of 60,000 Marriott points.

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The best time to look for award space is when?

Nearly 355 days before departure, ANA releases award space, and you can even locate availability 96 hours before departure. Start your search as soon as you have a rough notion of when you want to go. Keep checking often if award space is not immediately available.

Why Is This Such a Magnificent Redemption?

One of the best business class experiences can be found on ANA, one of the world’s top airlines. Let’s examine more closely what makes these flights so enjoyable.

Commercial-Class Service


Commercial-Class Service

Commercial-Class Service

You’ll be glad to know that ANA’s business class staff are excellent despite the frequent concerns about treatment on American airlines. They are friendly and always willing to do their part to improve your flight just a little bit.

Final Reflections

Always think of ANA when you need a business class flight to Asia or Australia. Long journeys may be difficult, and when the service is bad, they become even more difficult. Your lengthy flights will be enjoyable thanks to ANA’s first-rate service and delicious food. You can take pleasure anywhere in the world. Earn and accept a lot of benefits.


Can I use United miles to book ANA?

The miles Through, award travel on ANA can be reserved. Depending on the ticketing, the dates of travel, and the MileagePlus status, service fees may be incurred when making or altering award reservations.

Are ANA and United Airlines partners?

Utilizing ANA Miles with Airlines,Additionally, you can earn points when you fly by crediting any flights you take on United Airlines or other Star Alliance members to ANA. For travel on ANA airlines and other Star Alliance partners, these miles can be exchanged

What does ANA operated by United mean?

Other comment-related activities. ANA operated by United denotes that the aircraft and crew are United

What airlines does ANA partner with?

Since 1999, ANA has been a member of the Star Alliance and has joint venture agreements with United Airlines, Lufthansa German Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, and Austrian Airlines. If you’re a Miles & More member, ANA scheduled flights will earn you additional miles.

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