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 Top 10 Best Thrive Places To Visit In Texas

 Top 10 Best Thrive Places To Visit In Texas

 Top 10 Best Thrive Places To Visit In Texas

 Top 10 Best Thrive Places To Visit In Texas

Top 10 Best Thrive Places To Visit In Texas


Texas, one of the largest US states, is utterly enormous and utterly epic to explore. It’s the kind of state that has everything for every style of traveler, with a ton of cities, national parks, and beach retreats. The top sites in Texas are spread out all throughout the state, so you won’t run out of things to do.We had the best experience on our cross-country road trip and just adored how diverse the state is.

There is a lot to see outside of the cities as well, in addition to the historic sites in San Antonio, Houston’s busy downtown, and Austin (which has such a fantastic vibe).So, in order to make the most of your trip to Texas, I wanted to offer some outstanding treasures that we can’t get enough of!


 Top 10 Best Thrive Places To Visit In Texas

    1. San Antonio

San Antonio, the second city in Texas that we visited, is a real joy to explore. A lengthy weekend city getaway would be wonderful in this beautiful city.

Once you arrive, make sure to make a visit to the Alamo, one of Texas’ best attractions that you shouldn’t miss. One of the state’s most famous locations associated with Texas independence is the Alamo, which was the scene of the Battle of Alamo in 1836.

 It’s a fantastic spot to visit and is located in San Antonio’s city, especially with the chapel and the lengthy barracks nearby.We went to the San Antonio River Walk every night! It’s a remarkably lovely region with of quaint eateries, cafes, and al fresco dining options that follow the banks of the river.

Don’t feel like walking. Join one of the vessels that travel up and down the actual river. It’s incredibly soothing and makes for the ideal short outing following a meal.

Visit the Witte Museum or the Museum of Art if you’re looking for a museum. Both are really wonderful and include thousands of priceless artifacts and works of literature.

    2.Big Bend National Park

Big Bens National Park might be among the top destinations in Texas for outdoor enthusiasts! There is a lot to see and do there for a few days excursion, as it is perched near Texas’ western border. When you arrive, be sure to hike the stunning South Rim trail. Yes, the hike is around 12 miles long (and not for the faint of heart), but it’s the kind that’s worthwhile despite the difficulty. Having said that, you should never start a hike if you’re not absolutely certain you can finish the trail. This is particularly valid in the case of challenging hikes like the South Rim path.


When traveling west from Houston, Austin is a great pit stop because it is home to some of the hippest coffee shops, restaurants, and pubs.

Consider seeing the Texas State Capitol Building, which was constructed in the 1800s, if you have the time (I’d advise at least a few days).

The Capitol Building is still as prestigious and historically significant as it was when it was first constructed, making it one of the top tourist destinations in Texas.


Amarillo is a great destination to stop and explore while traveling to the best Texas locations because it is conveniently located just off the legendary Route 66.

Visit the stunning Amarillo Botanical Gardens and the Amarillo Museum of Art while you’re here. They are both great places to visit, especially if you are only in the city for the day.

Additionally, if you’re driving, make a pit stop at Cadillac Ranch, which is located along Route 66. It’s a new-age Stonehenge-inspired art piece made of Cadillac cars that is actually pretty cool to view.

   5.Guadalupe Mountains National Park

One of the best locations in Texas to visit if you want to spend some time in nature is Guadalupe Mountains National Park, which is right on the border with New Mexico.

The park itself has a huge variety of landscapes, including immense woods, vast mountain ranges, deserts, and deep valleys. Even some of the desert animals may be visible to you. This indicates that you should be cautious around rattlesnakes, especially if you’re trekking.


Dallas, which is tucked away in the state’s north, might occasionally be overlooked if you’re doing a longer US road trip across Texas. Though it’s a city that’s quite simple to visit because Austin is only a 3-hour drive away.

The Museum of Art in Dallas must be your first stop after arriving there; it’s amazing and may be our favorite attraction in all of Texas. It was established well over a century ago and has thousands of pieces. Look for the well-known picture by Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre (The Abduction of Europa), which was created back in the 1700s, as you stroll.

    7.New Braunfels

As you travel between Austin and San Antonio, New Braunfels is not too far away and is rather simple to explore. It’s actually a great spot to stop and relax for a moment.

Go to Schlitterbahn Waterpark after taking a short stroll past St. Peter and Paul’s Church. Texas is the ideal location to cool off, and the day was fairly enjoyable! Additionally, those slides are just a ton of fun.

Looking for some delectable fare and local brews? Visit Muck & Fuss, which has become somewhat of a New Braunfels legend. Their seasonal beers and burgers are excellent.

Go to the utterly casual Huisache Grill if that’s not your style. They have delicious blackened catfish.

     8.Padre Island 

Are you seeking an island adventure? Padre Island is the place for you. The south coast of Texas is one of the best regions to explore.

Of course, while you’re here, you have to spend some time exploring Whitecap Beach for its sandy lengths and the Padre Island National Seashore. It is utterly peaceful.

Don’t forget to visit Texas Mesquite BBQ and stroll up Bob Hall Pier while you’re there. Although it isn’t elegant, Padre Island’s BBQ is excellent here. They have delicious smoked brisket.


Galveston is rather simple to visit for a day trip from the city and is not too far from Houston (or longer chillout).

It’s the kind of city that’s ideal for relaxing, with lovely beaches, a historic downtown area, and lots of gastronomic spots.

When you arrive in the city, make sure to spend lots of time at the immensely entertaining Pleasure Pier. The beaches are really stunning, and the rides are incredible!

The Moody Mansion, which was erected nearby and has an absolutely stunning interior, dates back to the 1800s. You nearly get the impression that time has stood still.

Visit Gilhooley’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar for a bite to eat. Old School Restaurant Gilhooley’s serves delicious food in a fully relaxed atmosphere.


Houston was originally going to be a quick pit stop for us while we traveled around Texas, but once we got there, we decided to stay a bit longer. I’m so happy we did!Houston, which is most likely the largest city in Texas, has a lot going for it and is definitely fun to visit for a trip full of excitement.



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