10 Temples In Australia That Will Leave You Spellbound

27-01-2023--By NAZIA

The word “Australia,” images of a stunning coastline, cuddly koalas, chic and contemporary laneways, and crystal-clear blue oceans come to mind. 

The Sikh Gurdwara Perth   Temples in Australia. This gurdwara, one of the most significant Sikh temples in Perth, was built in 1996 



The Sydney Murugan Temple,  another well-known Indian temple in Australia, is quite fascinating. 


Chinese temple known as Heavenly Queen Temple One of the most well-known Chinese temples in Australia 


Gurdwara Sri Sarbat Khalsa Sahib Adelaide – Sikh Temple  Gurudwara Sri Sarbat Khalsa Sahib, another well-known and significant Sikh temple in Australia.


Indian temple Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple   The name is sufficiently ambiguous. The greatest Hindu temple in Victoria is this one


The Mormon Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 


The Sikh Temple in Brisbane. Only a few Sikh temples can be found in Australia


Chinese Temple: Nan Tien Temple 


 Chinese Temple: Nan Tien Temple One of the most revered locations to visit in Australia is Nan Tien Temple, one of the biggest Buddhist Chinese temples there.


Sri Vakrathunda  Vinayagar Temple, one of the most well-known Indian temples in Australia.   


Australia, the world’s second-largest country and the smallest continent, is home to several temples due to its diverse cultural heritage.