10 USA's Top Foods to Strengthen Your Bones

17-01-2023--by NAZIA

Long-term joint protection can be achieved by ingesting the required dose of the following nutrients each day.

10  Turmeric  yellow, peppery spice, is an effective anti-inflammatory. 

09 Bone Broth  contains a lot of collagen and protein because it is created by boiling bones.  

08  Prunes  eating five to six prunes daily may help prevent bone loss.  

07  fortified milk  is also one of the few food sources of vitamin D. "Getting enough vitamin D may also help avoid hyperparathyroidism 

0-6 Tofu   A 1-cup portion of tofu provides slightly less than half of your daily requirement for calcium. 

0-5 Blueberries  offers 16 percent of your daily requirement for vitamin C, which is important for the synthesis of collagen.

04 Bell Peppers  one medium bell pepper has more than the recommended daily intake. Vitamin C  

03 Sweet Potatoe Both magnesium and potassium, two essential elements for bone health, are abundant in sweet potatoes.

0.2 Bok Choy  leafy greens are a great source of vitamin K, which helps to build bones. 

01 Mushrooms  are one of the few food sources of vitamin D.