Astrologers' Zodiac Sign Dates and Personalitie

 BY Nazia Akhtar    18- 4- 23

Arie Ram-like Aries love to lead. Montúfar says Aries prefer to start rather than finish because Mars rules them. Call an Aries to jumpstart a project or recipe

Taurus  Montúfar believes “slow and steady wins the race” for Taurus, an earth sign. They're steady, reliable, and hardworking.

Gemini Gemini's superpowers include curiosity, charisma, and communication. Quinn says the multitasking queen lives outside the box because they're mutable.

Cancer Cancers are known for their affection and dedication to their loved ones. They're faithful. “Intuitive and tenacious, this sign sticks to their roots and excels at getting what it wants to protect their family and loved ones,” says Montúfar.

Leo  Leo, the king of the jungle, has several superpowers. “Leo can be bold and fearless, allowing them to take risks and pursue their dreams with vigor,” adds Marquardt.

Virgo Montúfar states Virgo, "the maiden" or "virgin," symbolizes wholeness and perfection in astrology. They're built for productivity.

Libra Libras are known for keeping the peace, but their friendliness is their greatest asset. Marquardt says this sign "seeks to be a source of joy for others" and make a positive impact.

Scorpio Scorpios are femme fatales and psychic. Marquardt says water signs have sharp, focused intuition.

Capricorn "Sea goat"? You have the mythical Capricorn water monster. Montúfar says Saturn-ruled Capricorns are ambitious and resolute initiators. Caps are tough.

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