Dancer Natasa and cricketer Hardik Pandya Remarried On 14 Valentine Day

15-02-2023--By NAZIA

Dancer Natasa Stankovic and cricketer Hardik Pandya got married on 14 February in Udaipur according to Christian rituals.

These pictures are becoming fiercely viral on social media on February 14, Hardik Pandey remarried according to Christian customs.

Cricketer Hardik Pandey Dancer Natasha had married earlier in 2020 or had a court marriage. Due to the lockdown, they got married with simplicity.

Natasha Lee wore a white Christian gown while Hardik wore a black suit, both of them looked dashing. 

Hardik also brought his son wearing a suit of his own color in which he was looking very cute.

Natasha was seen walking the red carpet in a long veil with a bouquet in her hands while her friends were dancing around with the DJ.

Sharing the wedding video and photos on Instagram, they also wished each other with love.

According to the customs of Christianity, Natasha was very happy to get married.

Before this, she was looking very happy in the pictures of the marriage, the pictures of the first marriage also became quite viral on the social media..

In the pictures of the wedding, Natasha and Hardik are seen kissing their son, in this marriage the son also enjoyed a lot.

Believes that nothing better could have been received from Hardik on Valentine's Day.

Natasha was looking very beautiful in this gown, like a white angel has come down from the sky.

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Dancer Natasa Stankovic and cricketer Hardik Pandya's first picture with their son

Natasa Stankovic and cricketer Hardik Pandya Made for each other couple.

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