Heather Rae and Tarek El Moussa   Named Their Child Jay

16-02-2023--By NAZIA

A few days back, the couple had shared the picture of their child on social media and expressed happiness that their son was born.

On February 15, the couple named their baby boy in the presence of their family and friends.

The baby is named after a resemblance to both their families, meaning a realtor from the Oppenheim Group,

An agency based on Netflix's luxury real-estate reality TV show. The child's middle name is Sailing Sun Set, which was also the name of his four-generation father.

Heather told that she was feeling very scared before going into labor. Sharing that fear, she told that the movement of the baby had also reduced a bit and she was very scared.

After the birth of the child, both are very happy because the doctor had said at that time that the heartbeat of the child is also decreasing, they were quite nervous after hearing this.

She told that I was very scared knowing that my child was not well,

But thank God my baby was born healthy and beautiful for which I am very happy and I still get scared remembering that moment.

It is very bad news for parents when they find out that their baby is not well before birth,

But I am thankful to the doctors and nurses for supporting me and my baby is healthy

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