In love? Zodiac Weaknesses

Aries work well. They rush into everything professionally and personally. They make snap decisions that are hard to follow. This feature can make them spontaneous, yet it can also cause major mistakes.  


Taurus is slow, almost lackadaisical, compared to Aries. When you want your relationship to grow, this zodiac sign's flaws are revealed, but they may prefer the status quo. 


Geminis are always trying to do too much in too little time, leaving them exhausted and unable to meet their obligations.  


Cancers react. They live in the past without considering the present or future. Because changing their connection can be daunting and seem pointless.  


Leos are haughty and egotistical. This can make people ambitious, but it can also make them overconfident. Leos don't take recommendations well, therefore a partner's suggestions can irritate them.


Virgos fret. They can imagine 100 scenarios, most of which fail. The capacity to plan is fantastic, but they may be the worst zodiac sign at being in the moment.


Libras must make tough decisions. They weigh pros and disadvantages of every circumstance, making decision-making slow. Their companion will spend a lot of time attempting to comprehend their moods and emotions. 


Scorpios are poor communicators. Their secrecy makes them hard to grasp. Scorpios are complex and seldom tell their lovers what's wrong. Without this vulnerability, it's hard to relate.


Sagittarius's heart and stomach conflict make them temperamental. They overthink the relationship and analyze every encounter.


Capricorn has rage difficulties. Either way, their extremes will hurt you. Like Taurus, they like control and dislike change. Though mature, they can harbor grudges for a long time and be petty when offended. They're moody.


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