Loveliest Zodiac Signs IN USA 2023

 BY Nazia Akhtar    19- 3- 23

12. Aquarius  Aquarius dislikes romance.  Aquarius is just the most romantic zodiac sign if you adore them without asking for their commitment.

11. Sagittarius  Sagittarius is gregarious. Few animals enjoy themselves. Love makes them loyal despite their self-centeredness.

10. Aries Aries love intensely. They dominate their spouse easily, which might ruin a mood.

9. Capricorn Capricorns are shy. Romantic despite shyness. Non-Capricorns, that crush isn't harsh, just self-absorbed.

8. Gemini Despite flirting, meeting new people, and having fun, Gemini takes a while to discover love.  Geminis fear love.

7. Virgo Virgo would break up first. After that extended breakup, Virgos may be hard to reconcile. Virgos love compassionately

6. Scorpio Scorpios may look enigmatic and independent. Scorpios will change your mind in a minute! Scorpio's sex.

5. Cancer Cancer, a water sign, is sensitive. First love shaped their romanticism. Cancers work hard to build lasting relationships.

4. Leo Leo ranks fourth for romance. Leos love boldly. You may change your behavior based on your lover's feelings.

3. Libra Libras are romantics who love to spoil and be spoiled, according to astrology. Libra lovers can live peacefully.

2. Taurus  Taurus, ruled by Venus, is rich of emotions for those willing to unpack them. Taurus is loving, sensuous, and possessive.

1. Pisces Water sign Pisces borders sensual Aries. Careful water signals. Pisces naturally love.

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