Photo Of Polar Bear Breathing In A Magical Way Went Viral?

13-02-2023--By NAZIA

The artistically untouched snowy landscape often has a magical allure that goes viral.

In such a situation, the picture of polar bear on the earth covered with huge whitewash is becoming viral very fast.

in this photo The polar bear is seen extinguishing the fire through its breath in a very attractive way.

In this photo it looks like the polar bear is putting out the fire.

The photo of the bear catching the pale orange light of the rising sun in hazy breath has been seen countless times on social media.

The white polar bear in the white plains and the orange ray coming out of its mouth are making this picture the center of attraction.

On Tuesday, a popular Twitter account named Massimo shared this 7-year-old picture.

While sharing this picture, it was written in the tweet that photographer Josh Anon captured that great moment in his camera and made his photography a force.

The photography of this polar bear in the rising sun is making it mesmerizing and the photography is also being appreciated a lot.

This picture has got more than 18,000 likes. In no time this picture went viral and people have commented a lot praising the photographer.

In November last year, a picture of one such big cat also went viral.

In this picture, the cat was well-liked after traveling more than 16.5 kilometers to reach the Khumbu Valley of Nepal.

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