Sergio Dest to start for the USMNT against Mexico? Josh Wynder or Caleb Wiley?

Anthony Hudson will have to make some tough decisions as his young team prepares to face their old rivals on Wednesday.

The match between the United States and Mexico on Wednesday night may not have had the feel of a classic international soccer match. 

However, it might offer a glimpse into the future of this competition.

This week, the United States and Mexico, both starting fresh, traveled to Arizona with teams focused primarily on the local scene. 

Immature and full of energy. Although Anthony Hudson is currently the temporary manager of the USMNT, Diego Cocca has begun leading Mexico's national team.

Both teams will be without its superstars due to the ban on European players, but this midweek match might be a big break for several up-and-coming youngsters.

 In particular, this is true for the United States men's national team, who are now in preparation ,

For a trip to Europe that will include several players with significant upside.

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