Tamra Judge Returns To Real Housewives Of Orange County And "Goes Nuclear" In "Nasty" Attack On Heather Dubrow

We enjoy this time of year because the weather is changing and the Real Housewives of Orange County is returning. 

This show's viewers will be entering its 17th season, and we need more action after a few boring years.

Tamra Judge will return to the franchise after being dismissed prior to Season 15 to provide the action. 

Taylor Armstrong, a former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, has also joined the cast. 

Speaking of gangs, Tammy Sue seemed to be striving to prove that bringing her back was not a mistake.

Tamra supposedly put a bullseye on Heather Dubrow's back and has quite excellent aim, according to Page Six. 

RHOC is set to premiere later this spring, but no date has been set. They've also been hyping a teaser for so long that when it was initially unveiled, my thyroid was working.

What we do know is that Tamra is displeased with Heather, and they apparently "butted heads" while filming. 

Things got violent when the cast went to Mexico. According to sources, Tammy Sue orchestrated a "gang-up" and went "nuclear" on Fancy Pants.

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