Top 10 American Celebrities Who Own Bitcoin

23-01-2023--by NAZIA

Be aware that some celebrities would rather openly support BTC-related companies than reveal the exact amount of Bitcoin they own. 

ichard Branson the creator of the multibillion dollar conglomerate Virgin Group, participated in a $30 million  from bitcoin. 


Floyd Mayweather Jr. he said, is for supporters to refer to him as Floyd “Crypto”  


Kanye West  supported the most well-known cryptocurrency while he was a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast 


Steven Seagal  has been a familiar face in the cryptocurrency industr


Snoop Dogg American rapper was ahead of the curve and offered his music for sale using BTC 


Mark Cuban, whose estimated net worth is $4.2 billion from bitcoin.


Maisie Williams, a Game of Thrones actress, joined the Bitcoin bandwagon. More than 900,000 people responded to her tweet asking for advice on whether to “go long on Bitcoin 


Mike Tyson  a well-known professional boxer and social media personality, recognized the potential of Bitcoin 


JThe CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, is an avid Bitcoin investor. His love for Bitcoin began in 2017 .


Elon Musk Due to his rockstar scientist persona and his over 46 million followers, Elon Musk is perhaps the most influential person in the Bitcoin community