Top 10 American Clubs for a Good Night Out.

21-01-2023--by NAZIA

The most fascinating clubs and bars in the US are a great place to spend the evening.

Avalon, Los Angele One of LA's oldest nightclubs still in operation, Avalon welcomed Hollywood with its recognizable doors in 1927.


Beta Nightclub, Denver one of the top 25 dance clubs in history, debuted in Denver's LoDo district in 2008. 


Hakkasan, Las Vega Hakkasan is a fine-dining contemporary Chinese restaurant and a top-notch nightclub .


Las Vegas Strip, XS  is the ideal fusion of class and garish excess. a stunning electronic nightclub and dance party. .


LIV, Miami nightclub proprietor David Grutman, is a posh, costly nightclub in Miami Beach that caters to celebrities. 


Marquee Nightclub, Las Vega  nightclub with 24-hour parties and another opulent club in Las Vegas, combines a pool club with a nightclub. 


U Street Music Hall, Washington, D.C. stunning dance party with a wide variety of musical genres and themes for every taste because it is DJ-owned. 


LAVO, Las Vegas & NYC  the LAVO in Las Vegas is more lavish,  in New York is a much edgy nightclub .


Cat’s Meow, New Orlean The Cat's Meow's top floor, you can even watch the daily block party from above. 


Play Dance Bar, Nashville  It is situated in the center of Nashville's Music Row.