Top 10 Best Thrive Places To Visit In Texas

28-01-2023--By NAZIA

Houston  was originally going to be a quick pit stop for us while we traveled around Texas 


Galveston  is rather simple to visit for a day trip from the city and is not too far from Houston or longer chillout.  




Padre Island  is the place for you. The south coast of Texas is one of the best regions to explore.  



New Braunfels  is not too far away and is rather simple to explore. It’s actually a great spot to stop and relax for a moment. 


Dallas  which is tucked away in the state’s north, might occasionally be overlooked if you’re doing a longer US road trip across Texas. 


Guadalupe Mountains National Park One of the best locations in Texas to visit if you want to spend some time in nature. 


Amarillo  is a great destination to stop and explore while traveling to the best Texas locations because it is conveniently located just off the legendary Route 66. 


Austin  is a great pit stop because it is home to some of the hippest coffee shops, restaurants, and pubs.  


Big Bens National Park  might be among the top destinations in Texas for outdoor enthusiasts.


San Antonio  the second city in Texas that we visited, is a real joy to explore. A lengthy weekend city getaway would be wonderful in this beautiful city. 


There is a lot to see outside of the cities as well, in addition to the historic sites in San Antonio, Houston’s busy downtown, and Austin which has such a fantastic vibe.