Top 10 Most Popular JAPANESE SOUPS

30-01-2023--By NAZIA

10 NOODLE DISH Okinawa soba Japan a type of Japanese noodle soup, originated.

9.Champon A Nagasaki specialty, champon is a Japanese noodle dish.

8.Shio ramen  Shio ramen is one of the four basic flavor-based ramen categories and is distinguished by the use of salt as the primary ingredient in the broth.

7.Hakata  Hakata is one of the most well-known ramen varieties in Japan and is originally from Fukuoka.

6.Miso ramen.  The miso foundation, broth, and vegetables are cooked in a wok to create the savory meal known as miso ramen. 

5.Shoyu ramen One of the four main categories of ramen noodle meals celebrated for their exquisite flavors is shoyu ramen, which is based on soy sauce.

4Tonkotsu Tonkotsu is a distinctive type of ramen that includes fresh noodles, soft-yolk eggs, and supple, melt-in-your-mouth pork belly in addition to an incredibly rich, fatty pig broth.

3.Miso soup Traditional Japanese miso soup is a soy-based dish cooked with miso paste, dashi stock, and numerous other components like seaweed or tofu.

2.Dashi A type of soup and cooking stock is one of the essential components in Japanese cuisine. 

1.Ramen In 1910, Chinese chefs mixed noodles with a salty broth to create the noodle soup known today as ramen.

In 1958, Nissin Foods created the first-ever instant version of noodles with a chicken-flavored broth called Chickin Ramen. The name of the dish was derived from the pronunciation of the Chinese word lamian (pulled noodles).