Top 10 Natural PCOS Treatments In The USA

24-01-2023--by NAZIA

The most prevalent endocrine disorder in American women of reproductive age is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), according to a reliable source. 

Control Diet Maintaining a nutritious diet and exercise habits throughout your life is one of the key aspects to controlling weight and improving insulin sensitivity.


using herbal supplements  to balance hormones and enhance ovulation, such as inositol, vitex, and saw palmetto.


Yoga and exercise Using stress-reduction practices like yoga or meditation can help to reduce cortisol levels.


use acupressure  acupuncture to enhance ovulation and control menstrual cycles.  


omega-3   taking supplements to improve insulin sensitivity and control hormones, such as chromium and omega-3 fatty acids.


ginger/ licorice root reducing inflammation and restoring hormone balance by using natural medicines like ginger and licorice root.


Turmeric and Berries. incorporating anti-inflammatory items into the diet, such as turmeric and berries.


Chasteberry Since ancient times, chasteberry has been used to treat problems with reproduction.


Holy basil commonly known as tulsi, alleviates metabolic and chemical stress. It is known as the "queen of herbs.


Ashwagandha Another name for ashwagandha is "Indian ginseng." Cortisol levels can be balanced, which may lessen stress and PCOS symptoms.