Top 10 Political Personality In Japan

05-02-2023--By NAZIA

10 Hiroshi Kajiyama -  Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. 

9-Akimoto Satoshi   former State Minister for Administrative Reform.

8.Toshimitsu Motegi   Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry .

7. Fumio Kishida -  Chairman of the Policy Research Council of the LDP 

6. Koichi Hagiuda -  Executive Acting Secretary-General of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party .

5.Kato Katsunobu -  Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare 

4.Seiko Noda   Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications 

3. Taro Kono -  Minister for Foreign Affairs 

2. Shinzō Abe -  former Prime Minister of Japan (2006-2007, 2012-2020) 

The prime minister is in charge of governing the nation and overseeing the cabinet, which is made up of various important ministers who are in charge of different areas of policy. 

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