Top 10 US health insurance ? 

18-01-2023--by NAZIA

Top 10 insurers combined wrote 55.3% of the US market   health insurance is one of the most popular types of insurance

10 Direct Written Premiums   United Healthcare offers healthcare coverage and benefits services .

09 Kaiser Foundation    The company provides services in dermatology, oncology, allergy, audiology, cardiology, hospice, dermatology, occupational therapy, pain management, pediatric rehabilitation, and pharmacy.  

08 Anthem  its family of health insurance plans. It strives to be the most creative, beneficial, and open-minded partner. 

07 Direct Written Premiums of Centene Corporation  health insurance options are offered by Centene, which also manages neighborhood health programs. 

06- Humana  This is done in recognition of the fact that each person's, family's, and community's healthcare needs continue to grow. 

05- CVS  The mission of CVS Health, a leader in healthcare innovation, is to assist individuals in achieving better health.  

04- HCSC  The biggest US customer-owned health insurance provider is Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), a mutual legal reserve corporation. 

03-  Cigna  Corporation  is a multinational provider of health services with more than 165 million patient and customer contacts across more than 30 nations 

02- Molina HealthcarMolina Healthcare, a Fortune 500 firm, exclusively concentrates on government-sponsored healthcare programs.  

01- Independence Health Group,  with its corporate headquarters in Philadelphia, and its affiliates provide healthcare services to over 10 million people .