USA Top 10 Best Picnic Locations.

21-01-2023--by NAZIA

There are so many lovely places to spend time outdoors in the United States .

Central Park, New York City A true urban retreat is New York City's Central Park.  


California, Point Dume is the ideal opportunity to combine your picnic with some beach time.  


Massachusetts' Walden Pond  A very popular place to swim in the summer, in addition to being a lovely and peaceful place for a picnic. 


The Guadalupe River State Park is a great area to spread out your blanket and enjoy a pleasant picnic 


Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park, Maine a picnic in Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park in Maine's coastal region )


Isle Royale National Park, Michigan Isle Royale is an isolated island in Lake Superior that is 894 square miles in size.  


Columbia River Gorge, Oregon a fantastic picnic location surrounded by some of Oregon's most beautiful natural water features and forest settings.  


 Eldorado Canyon State Park, Colorado  a nature lover's paradise with some of the top natural attractions in the nation 


Red Rock Canyon, Nevada is where one wouldn't expect to find such an incredible natural experience.  


DuPont State Forest, North Carolina DuPont State Forest is located just above the western boundary of North and South Carolina